SESSION 1 – Whose Responsibility is it? Must Not Be Mine! – Simple Steps to Put You Back in Control From an Insurance and Risk Management Perspective, SPEAKER: Branden Miller, Gallagher

SESSION 2 – Having Fun with Culture Development, SPEAKER: Speaker: Melissa Steger, PRIMA President

SESSION 3 – Mask or No Mask, SPEAKER: Dr. Jimmie Edwards, Director of Emergency Services for Montgomery County

SESSION 4 – Transparency in Government: The Tennessee Public Records Act and Open Meetings Act, SPEAKER: Lee Pope, Open Records Counsel

SESSION 5 – Contractual Risk Transfer and Insurance, SPEAKER: Courtney Ramirez, Alliant Insurance Services

SESSION 6 – EEOC Update, SPEAKER: Fred Bissinger, Wimberly Lawson

SESSION 7 – The Opioid Epidemic and the Physical Therapist’s Role, SPEAKERS: Patsy Triplett & Chris Scoma, Results Physiotherapy

SESSION 8 – KEYNOTE: Diversity Today – Being More Inclusive Tomorrow, SPEAKER: Mauricio Velasquez, President/CEO Diversity Training Group

SESSION 9 – Decision Making in a Grey Swan Event, SPEAKER: Jose Peralta, Aon Risk Solutions

SESSION 10 – Being a Change Agent, Ally, Leaning In, SPEAKER: Mauricio Velasquez, President/CEO Diversity Training Group

SESSION 11- Looking Ahead: Lessons Learned from Tennessee Weather Disasters During a Pandemic, SPEAKER: Krissy Hurley, National Weather Service

SESSION 12- Property Conservation Essentials, SPEAKERS: Bill Magoon, Jim Bell Hatchell, and Andy Lacewell, Property Conservation Consultants; Public Entity Partners